Kool Kut Water Soluble Cutting Oil

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Product Overview

Kool Kut is a general purpose E.P. Nitrate free emulsifiable cutting oil which forms a milky white emulsion when added to water. Suitable for all metal drilling, cutting and grinding. Ideal for magnet drill and all types of lathes.

For general machining, a concentration of 1 part Kool Kut EP added to 20 parts of water (5%) will give good results for free machining requirements. Stronger concentrations are seldom necessary as performance is not significantly improved beyond this level.


General recommendations for use

  • Mild steel & brass 20/1 (i.e. 20 parts water to 1 part Kool Kut)
  • Medium steel 15/1
  • Hard Steel 10/1
  • Aluminium 25/1
  • Grinding 40-50/1

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MSDS sheet available on request


(No reviews yet) Write a Review