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Product Overview

Admil’s ROOF & GUTTER N192 is a high quality 100% neutral curing silicone adhesive/sealant. For general purpose roofing applications, glazing, industrial, and automotive sealing applications where, excellent adhesion, long term reliability is required. Weathering and UV resistance is excellent.

Roof & Gutter has excellent adhesion to most common building materials including : glass, aluminum, galvanised steel, concrete, wood, ceramics, plastics and most powder coated surfaces.

  • Complies with 5 Star Rating for VOC <5%
  • Superior Adhesion
  • Will not corrode metals

Roof & Gutter is ideal in applications such as : General purpose glazing and weather sealing, Roofing, gutters, and rainwater tanks, Electrical sealing and insulation, Automotive, caravan, and truck body sealing, and assembly.

  • BS 5889 building approved
  • AS4020 potable water approved


(No reviews yet) Write a Review