Road Trans FE 75W-90 (fuel efficient) Synthetic Axle lubricant

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FE 75W-90
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Product Overview

Road TRANS FE 75W-90 (Fuel Efficient)
Synthetic Axle Lubricant
Achieve a more profitable, greener fleet, and enhance overall performance with
RoadTRANS FE 75W-90 (Fuel Efficient) Synthetic Axle Lubricant. RoadTRANS
FE Axle Lubricant is an API GL-5 extreme pressure gear lubricant designed for
improved fuel economy in heavy- and medium-duty applications, as compared
to typical petroleum 80W-90 or synthetic 75W-90 gear lubricants. In fact, this
BASF Green Solution product can help save up to $500 per truck annually*
and reduce your CO2 emissions.
Benefitsof RoadTRANS FE 75W-90SyntheticAxleLubricant:
• Better Operating Performance –1% measured fuel savings
(validated through fleet testing with an independent testing facility
utilizing SAE J1321 methodology)
• Increased Gear Life – Provides high film strength and superior low
temperature performance – anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties further
promote extended gear and bearing life
• Extended Drain, All-Season Lubrication – Provides excellent performance
over a broad temperature range due to its extremely low channel point and
high viscosity index – resists oxidation and lasts significantly longer than
conventional gear oils
• Reduced Maintenance and Downtime
• Extended Drain and Extended Warranty Protection
• Genuine OEM Equipment
• 2009 SAE Environmental Award winner
• FE 75W-90 Synthetic Axle Lubricant for service is available
through major lubricant Distributors


(No reviews yet) Write a Review