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Hougen Slick Stick Lube 

Specially Formulated for Metal drilling, Easier Application And Better Adhesion To The Tool Than Liquid Lubricants. Slick-Stik Is Softer Than Other Stick Lubricants For Easy Application, Superior Adhesion To The Tool, Assuring Through Coverage. (Non-Toxic) with MSDS sheet available on request

ECO-FRIENDLY: Slick Stick Is Environmentally Friendly And Does Not Contain Harmful Ingredients As Do Many Lubricants. Highly recommended by HCT Industrial for Operator Safety and Extending Tool Life.

- Gives A Cleaner, Faster Cut.
- Extends Tool Life.
- Improves Hole Finish.
- Reduces Friction.
- Eliminates Clean-Up & Solvent Disposal.
- Environmentally Safe

*For Best Results, Make Sure Cutting Edges Of Tool Are Well Coated.*

Great For:
- All metal cutting tools
- Using in difficult cutting tool positions
- Ferrous Or Non-Ferrous Materials


(No reviews yet) Write a Review