Hone Oil 5 Litre

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Product Overview


Hone Oil D is a very low viscosity, specially compounded, non volatile oil with full lubricating properties and a comparatively high flash point. It does not contain kerosene and is free from the many objectionable features associated with the use of this material.


APPLICATION Cylinder bore honing of hard and soft cast iron, chromidium cast iron and steel liners.
It is also suitable for flat honing operations on cast iron, lapping and super finishing.
In comparison with the coolants normally employed, viz. kerosene and mixtures of
kerosene with lubricating and lard oils, Hone Oils offer the following advantages:
1. Improvement in surface finish with existing grade stones.
2. Elimination of scoring.
3. Appreciable increase in stone life (increase from 10% to 50% have been
4. Employment of finer grade stones, no further raising of standard of finish.
5. Increased rate of stock removal and reduction of operation time.
6. Cracking of stones reduced to a minimum.
7. Increased refrigeration, resulting in cooler bores and absence of distortion.
8. Greatly minimised fire risk.
9. Considerably reduced consumption, reductions up to 80% having been
recorded compared with kerosene.
10. Reduction in skin irritation.
11. Generally cleaner conditions and improved shop hygiene by elimination of
kerosene vapour from the atmosphere.
12. Idle time on the machines reduced.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review